"120 new names of TPU"

National Research Tomsk Polytechnic University (TPU) is announcing the launch of a unique contest

"120 new names of TPU".

In the year of celebration of university’s 120-year anniversary, TPU is announcing a contest, which aims for the next five years, bring in the University new professors, who will be able to organize educational and research activities at the level of the best world standards.

If you are a young Doctor of Science or have a PhD degree from a foreign university, fluent in English and publish in foreign scientific journals, we invite you to participate in the contest for the position of professor at our University!

The winners will be offered a competitive salary, a number of measures of social support, job in one of the best technical universities in Russia and the opportunity to create their own team.

From each professor who will be the winner of the Programme, we will wait for concrete and measurable results in the field of scientific research.

Please read more information about the Programme and participation conditions of the contest in the REGULATIONS ON THE COMPETITION "120 New names of TPU"

Information about available vacanices you may find here: http://hr.tpu.ru/en/vacancies/teaching/available-vacancies.html

If you have any questions, you can send them to:

TPU Human Resources Department

E –mail: hr@tpu.ru

Please mark the title of the message "120 new names of TPU"

Tel.: 8 (3822) 606-373.

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