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Vladimir P. Vavilov
Professor, Higher Doctoral Degree, Head of Thermal Control Methods Lab,School of Earth Sciences & Engineering

"For me, the words “Siberia”, “Tomsk, “Tomsk Polytechnic University” are an element of national pride. Having experience in multiple research organizations around the world and working in TPU since 1972, I see that we have reasonable claims to take leading positions among the world's best universities."

Rodriguez Kontreras Raul David
a professor,
at the Research School of Chemistry and Applied Biomedical Sciences and a winner of the university contest - 120 New Names of TPU.

"I chose Tomsk Polytechnic University for my work due to its high potential. The university demonstrates serious ambitions to become one of the TOP-100 world universities. I am an ambitious person as well and hope that my work here, in some way, will help the university to reach its goal".

Jean Claude Legros
Heat-Mass Transfer Simulation Lab, Institute of Power Engineering of TPU
President of the Industrial Research Centre (CRI) of Université Libre de Bruxelles, Senior Consultant at Euro Heat Pipes Inc.

"We have recently started our collaboration and now we are writing papers for highly cited journals. The people are willing to work and they take care of all the questions, so I can totally focus on research. I am constantly learning from colleagues and their unique equipment, knowledge sharing is one of the key elements of our cooperation."

Eugenia Sheremet
a professor,
Research School of High-Energy Physics and a winner of the university contest – 120 New Names of TPU.

"At Tomsk Polytechnic University we have found a unique interdisciplinary environment providing conditions for the truly interesting research projects. In addition, there are many highly qualified and dedicated people. Here we can carry out projects we could not have dreamed back in Germany".

Jean-Christophe Lata
Researcher, Department of Geoecology and Geochemistry, Institute of Natural Resources of TPU
Université Pierre et Marie Curie (Paris VI)

"In 2007 among all Russian universities I chose TPU because of its strong scientific background and knowledge of the region, motivated and proactive people and well-organized infrastructure. In addition, Tomsk is a nice historical city with very friendly people!"

Alfa Edison Ilela
an assistant,
at the Department of Nanomaterials and Nanotechnologies, the School of Advanced Manufacturing Technologies and Engineering

"Tomsk Polytechnic University provides the best education in the area of global problems solutions. Here we receive advanced knowledge, related to science and engineering. TPU allows every staff member and student, regardless of their cultural or national origin, to fulfill their ambitions in various fields of research and academic activities".

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The University is a unique living organism and a complex system. Its wellbeing depends on how well each element does its work. And as in any system, at the University the coordinated work of all the employees defines the organization efficiency.

To succeed means to work as a team and be proud that you are a part of one of the best technical universities in the country. Without any exception, all the employees – professors, associate professors, lecturers, researchers, students, administrative and support staff – make our university better every day by contributing to the common goal, supporting its further growth and development.

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