TPU is committed to a strategic goal of becoming a world leading research university. Our mission is to contribute to Russia’s prosperity through the pursuit of education, learning, and research at the highest international levels of excellence thus building and enhancing the competitive position of our country. Our winning formula is synergism based on professionalism, creativity and harmony.

We value open and transparent corporate culture fostering knowledge sharing, creative thinking, team approach and personal freedom. We are confident that innovative approach to practical engineering solutions is a sustainable strategy for our success.

Being the oldest engineering higher school in the Asian part of Russia, TPU confidently holds the leading position of the strongest technical University after the Urals and one of the top educational institutions in Russia.

We are focused on contributing to sustainable economic growth by developing our strategic scientific areas in six interdisciplinary clusters with intention to provide the breakthrough solutions in solving global problems of the humanity.

TPU is located in the “heart” of Siberia. Tomsk is an ancient university city with every sixth citizen being a student. Tomsk is one of the Russian leaders in innovation infrastructure maturity; it hosts annually a large number of conferences, forums and congresses of associations from all over the world. A special atmosphere of the city with 400 years of history, hospitable and well-educated, with well-developed infrastructure for culture and leisure wins the hearts of Tomsk visitors from the first day of stay.


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About HR Team

Meet our HR Team and don’t hesitate to contact us with any queries related to recruitment documents and procedures.

The University is a unique living organism and a complex system. Its wellbeing depends on how well each element does its work. And as in any system, at the University the coordinated work of all the employees defines the organization efficiency.

To succeed means to work as a team and be proud that you are a part of one of the best technical universities in the country. Without any exception, all the employees – professors, associate professors, lecturers, researchers, students, administrative and support staff – make our university better every day by contributing to the common goal, supporting its further growth and development.

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