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Welcome to the section dedicated to the HR policies adopted by TPU and requirements of the Russian labour law.

Please get acquainted with:

 Personnel Policy of TPU.

The information below will guide you through the employment process step by step.



Before starting the employment procedure, please get acquainted with the qualification requirements to academic staff positions.



In TPU there is a regulated procedure for filling research and academic staff positions (professors, lecturers and research fellows) and conclusion of labor contracts between TPU and the latter ones. Please get acquainted with:

Regulations on the procedure for filling research and academic staff positions.

There is also the Personnel Commission that evaluates candidates subject to competition-based elections to research and academic staff positions and evaluats candidates participating in elections on an alternative basis for a position of the head of department. To learn more about the Personnel Commission please read Regulations on the Personnel Commission of an institute of Tomsk Polytechnic University


Step-by-Step Employment Procedure and Required Documents

Step 1. Find the vacancy you are interested in on our website  (in case there is no open vacancy in your area of interest, move to the Step 2).

Step 2. Send us the CV by applying to a certain vacancy or simply send it to

Step 3. Wait for the response from our HR manager. If your candidacy conforms to all the requirements to a vacancy, we will ask you to provide a set of documents to go through the employment procedure (Step 4).

Step 4. Documents Required from the Candidate to Initiate the Employment and Visa Process:

  • CV (you can use our CV template)
  • Copy of the passport front page
  • Copies of the Diplomas (Bachelor, Master, PhD and other)
  • Document from the current employee if you are applying for the positions on the condition of external secondary employment (preferable requirement)
  • Сopies of the visa and invitation to the Russian Federation (once the Candidate receives an official invitation from TPU and gets the visa)

Step 5. Stages of employment procedure.


  • all the documents at all the stages are filled in and processed by HR Office of TPU, the candidate will be asked only to review and sign them;
  • all the documents can be signed, scanned and send to HR Office by email, the original documents will be signed upon the arrival;
  • the steps described below are performed in parallel to speed up the process. The overall time of the employment procedure is approximately 1 month.
  • Special note for the Candidates applying for a full-time position: according to the internal employment policy all the Candidates are gone through the internal competition process, their candidacy must be examined by Academic Councils at the Institute and University Levels. This procedure takes one month. In parallel with this process we are preparing all necessary documents for visa and employment, so the overall hiring time remains the same.

1. Invitation letter to apply for working visa
2. Issuance of a pension insurance certificate
3. A set of documents in Russian and English (in accordance with the Russian Federation Legislation):

✓ The employment contract and Individual plan of the Professor or Researcher

✓ Application to the accountant department

✓ Application for the acceptance for a position

✓ Data Card of an employee (Form T-2)

✓ Personal Data Sheet

✓ Consent to processing of personal data by an operator of personal data

✓ Application for a bank card

4. You can get acquainted with  TPU's  regulations on the System of Effective Contract:

System of  Effective Contracts for Research and Academic position

Regulations on effective contract for research and academic staff of Tomsk Polytechnic University (new edition) dated 28.05.2018

Regulations on effective contract for research and academic staff of Tomsk Polytechnic University (new edition)

Regulations on the Record of Group A Indicators within RAS Effective Contract Regarding Supervision and Participation in R&D Projects and APES



Currently, it is possible to issue a salary card both of Sberbank of Russia and of Gazprombank for foreign scientists employed at TPU.
Information on the salary card of Gazprombank can be found here: link



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